• Noah James Hittner

    Artist: Noah James Hittner

    Influenced by everything from folk rock to hip-hop, Noah James Hittner's sound inspires the mind and warms the heart. Appearing on radio and network television as both a Musician and an Author, Noah's mission is to connect with the lives of as many people… Read more

  • The Upper Crust

    Artist: The Upper Crust

    Wikipedia says, "The Upper Crust is an American hard rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. The members adopt the personae of 18th century aristocratic fops and sing songs from that perspective. They use titles of nobility, wear powdered wigs and period… Read more

  • The Grannies

    Artist: The Grannies

    On a hot July night in 1999, five grown men dressed as old ladies crossed 11th St in San Francisco and hit the stage at the Paradise Lounge. 15 years, 8 Jack Endino produced albums, 3 European tours, more than a few beer soaked house dresses, some delighted… Read more

  • Rudyard’s

    Venue: Rudyard’s

    2010 Waugh Dr., Houston, TX Read more

  • Cold Brew Rock Bar

    Venue: Cold Brew Rock Bar

    4520 San Bernardo Ave., Laredo, TX Read more